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"Uniting The World One Person At A Time"

"Encouraging People To Flourish"

"Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life' everyone must carry out a concrete assignment that demands fulfillment. Therein he cannot be replaced, nor can his life be repeated, thus, everyones task is unique as his specific opportunity to implement it".  Viktor Frankl

True Learning 'comes from places of greater spheres of influence, wisdom, love and understanding'


One of Our Certifications in the known methodologies of Quantum Consciousness.....
Certified 2.5 decades previous as "The wholesale Breakthrough Experience Presenter". Globally certified and presenting full-time.

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Retrogenesis & Quantum Collapse Practitioner The Breakthrough Experience Presenter & Teacher for over 20 years.

Universal Laws is the Study also of the 'asserting, continuous/recurring, regular and perceived invisible forces of powers at a distance, the influences of which can be measured/judged only by their patek philippe replica watches effects'.  D Boorstin

These above forces of understanding 'correspondence and more lead  man 'out of the world of history 'repetitive cycles and the iron ring of consciousness' into the world of mystery, heaven and love/light' PL






Some 30 years ago Universal Law came into my view and I have with all of my heart bought the most refined of these as best I can to all of our loving friends and clients.  In the past very few years the 'newly named' Demartini Method  & 'Demartini Method Facilitation' has come into our view - these principles are of great value, however, they do not encompass the many other Unified Field and Universal Law teachings of aspects, such as 'double slit' by Dr Alan Wolf and they also do not encompass some of the greats of this current day and the even newer methods we are now bringing to you.  Although we remain Certified Teachers of the above methods, we also desire to bring to our clients a 'kaleidascope' of teachings, so as to enhance your life's enlightenment to it's greatest capacity, and not to pidgeon hole you or any method or teaching as being outside of Universal Law.  Hence the purpose of quoting and bringing to you the most powerful and synthesised knowledge and teachings in Unified Field & Universal Law, within the pages of our study books, 'also gleened from all of these Masters'.


Mission - Vision - Inspiration - Purpose & The Centres


'The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose'

'Harnessing The Most Powerfull Force in The Universe'

Vision & Mission

'Serve All - Love All'

'Inspire, Develop, Grow & Create a Magnifying Life For All'


'Champion The Conscious Fulfilment of all People in all Walks of Life'

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The Foundation provides the most masterful, powerful, educational, inspirational and transformative workshops, consultations and programs, currently available, that Educate, Inspire, Whole, Motivate, Liberate, Enhance, Balance, Align and Create in all seven areas of the life of any individual, group or business that chooses to participate in the Higher Education, Manifestation, Learnings that incorporate Quantum Mechanics & Superimpostion. i.e. Unified Field Theories & Applications, Universal Laws, Philosophies of Life & Wisdom of This Foundation. Allowing you to: 

'Live The Life You Love & Love The Life You Live'

The Foundation's inspiring and informative presentations and workshops, combine real life stories with transformational wisdom and insights. The practical and theoretical processes, scientific and spiritual approach, provide some participants with such empowering personal experiences that it has been said our programs are filled with 'highly illuminating moments'.

"A dramatic enfoldment of the most spiritual teachings filled with episodes of unparalleled illumination".

"Look in your heart for it is there that you will find your teasure"  C Yung

The Foundation, is grateful and sincerely appreciative that for more than fifteen years we have had the opportunity to bring The Breakthrough Experience Program, The Quantum Collapse Process (the 4 Column and now the revised and new 22 Column tool)  the 33 Column Process, REVW (10 Column tool) and the many Powers of Higher Learning & Education, Philosophy of Healing & merging of all Philosophies, Financial Wisdom (Spiritual Economics) & Powers of Manifestation - Quantum Consciousness - to you, in our many programs/workshops or in private consultation.

The intention of all the programs at the Foundation is to reveal to you your truest potential and inner magnificence, via the Wisdom, Love, Universal Laws & tools shared and learnt, that then assist each individual in opening up to the journey of the manifestation of this potential, enhancing and bringing a life of Fulfilment and Self Mastery.

Through studies of the whole (Quantum), we, share, experience and teach the Wisdom of the whole. Quantum Consciousness, Universal Laws and Quantum Wholing in all areas of life amounts to Symmetry, Proportion & Order when there is perceived Chaos, hence Mastery, Vision & Purpose emanates.

As Cicero stated: 'Philosophy is a physician of the Soul - it can free us from irrational fears, help us deal with difficult choices and inspire us to pause and reflect on the direction of our lives'.
Philosophy means: The Love of Wisdom. Through the love of wisdom omega replica the Foundation brings to you, Universal Principles, Philosophy & Physics of Life, from the Micro to the Macro, the Universal to the Unicellular, Exoteric to Esoteric, and Quantum Theories as they apply to mind body, spirit (Spirit & Matter) in all seven areas of your life. Therefore those who seek shall find. The Foundation is also known as a place where true science, true spiritual wisdom and Universal Laws merge. 'The Love of Wisdom incorporates the knowledge and ability to see all options from all angles, and perspectives - abstract consciousness'.

The studies in any philosophy are a commitment, to the seeking of and understanding about the world in which we live. From asteroid to ocean floor, genetics to gamma rays, comparative religions and science, these studies are a celebration of the truth of mankind's/our/your journey. Exploring and understanding the limitless potential of a Unity of Mind, Body & Spirit within the underlying diversity and duality of life, that does exist brings mastery to our lives. Self Mastery. Also known as the study of 'Axiology' The Study of worth. The word ‘axiology’, is derived from two Greek roots ‘axios’ (worth or value) and ‘logos/the word’ (logic or theory), meaning the theory of worth.

Axiology, the science of human values, enables us to identify the internal valuing systems that influence our perceptions, decisions and actions - to clearly understand "why" we do what we do!
Or Axiology (from Greek: ἄξιος, axios, "value, worth"; and λόγος, logos, "speech" lit. "to talk about the worth")

It covers self-understanding, self-exploration and self-discovery.  Axiology has many benefits. It generates new knowledge about the everyday world and creates a frame of reference which provides a new way of looking at ourselves and our environment. What’s even more important is the knowledge axiology provides is objective and independent of any one observer.

Axiology in Action:
With Meaning/Reason & Purpose - the brilliance, of the techniques and tools at the Foundation, dissolves the barriers between the known and the unknown, between science and spirituality, and between the Newtonian linear  louis vuitton outlet paradigm of ego and the nonlinear reality of enlightenment. With the resolution of the self, the Self shines forth and reveals one's true identity.

'Philosophy is the ascent of the mind from the lower regions to the highest, and from darkness to light. Its origin is an impulse of the divine mind; its middle steps are the faculties and the disciplines which are described; and its end is the possession of the highest good. Finally, its fruit is the right government of men'. - Marsilio Ficino

The Foundation is non-denominational and offers techniques in higher learning and manifestation for all ages and nations for those that are seeking. The Foundation is an exclusive higher learning educational facility that receives students from all walks of life, globally. The Foundation does not make or take, unsolicited contact with any individuals and all students commence study with us on the basis of being referred by our current students, teachers, friends and clients. (per 'Terms' Website Page)

These ultimate studies commence with the inherent Universal Laws of Life - and consist of the integration of over 200 disciplines, these laws offer a solid foundation on which one can build a life of mastery and fulfilment.

Some of these laws we investigate and reveal, are Conservation, Complementarity, Transparency, Attraction, Relinquishing, Diminishing and Increasing Utility, Charged Parity, Manifestation and many other laws, also including the full studies of Energy, Space, Time and Matter, (Spirit & Matter) Entropy, Unified Field, Quantum Theory & Mechanics, Physics, (made simple), Law of Vibrant Energy & Love, whereby this ultimately encompasses a deeper understanding of The Grand Organised Design and much more. (See 'Our Centres' Page for more on The Quantum Collapse Process - one of the tools utilised at The Foundation and the cornerstone of the works at The Foundation)
The programs at The Foundation align the above and below, the alpha and omega - thought vibration, thought world and thought force in business and everyday life and are a marriage of the Ancient Teachings & Comparative Religions to the latest and most advanced conception of Modern Science.

The Foundation brings you to an understanding of things as they are; a universality & laterality of life and mind; as it relates to atoms, light, unconditional love, hence, uncovering the paradoxical sciences and forces of nature, the finer forces of the mind and thought in action, and particularly a truer understanding of The Grand Organised Design.

We look forward to meeting you personally.

Our Centres

The Foundation Centres - highlighted below, are some of the designer hermes garden party handbags With 2014 popular and Free Shipping areas of life, and some of the 200 disciplines, The Foundation's Teachings cover and the 'Wholistic' approach to the Foundation's Curriculum incorporating this cornucopia of detailed, intricate, profound wisdom and tools.

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance" Einstein

"Belief without investigation is foolish, knowing is truth and wisdom" Pamela

Centre for Wisdom

The Ultimate Journey and Exploration of the many Cultures, Religions and Scientific, Astronomy, Palaeontology, Anatomy, Mathematics, Ontology, Biophysics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Phonology, Biology, Physics, & Quantum Discoveries, incorporating over 200 disciplines and more. Through the Foundations "Centre for Wisdom", we discover how all of these areas have one critical same essence. An example of the studies in Ancient Mysticism, Mythology, Comparative Religions and Beliefs throughout the world.
Quantum Physics and Unconditional Love, covers studies of these designer louis vuitton monogram vernis replica free shipping many masters and their beliefs: Leibniz, Einstein, Sufi, Rumi, Freeman Dyson, Wordsworth, Isaac Newton, Emerson, Montegnu, Palmer, Gibran, Mayo, Plotinus, Plato, Freud, Socrates, Jung, Palmer, Aristotle, Bruno, Blake, Confucius, Buckminster Fuller, Copernicus, Pharaohs & Gods, Archimedes, Galen, Liebniz, Bohme, Heisenberg, Jung, Buddha, Maslow, Schroedinger, Hawking, Schroedinger, Thoreau, Sagan, Yogananda, Gribbins, Wheeler many Ancient Masters/Teachers and many current philosophies and philosophers - Hay, Dyer, Bradshaw, Chopra, Robbins, Tracey, Cohen, Braden, Covey, Rowland, Ecker and others.

How and why, do and did these people, have an impact on the world and have become immortal, and current day are being immortalised. How and why these philosophies and ancient methods/classics are used and have contributed designer miu miu replica free shipping in the so called "New Age" today in different formats. These abovenamed illuminating masters are the source/cause of many of the tools, ideas and inspirations of today. The wise are adept and versed in many aspects of the kaleidoscope of life.

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"If You Want To Heal The Body You Must First Heal The Mind"
Plato 427 - 347 B.C.

Centre for the Mind, Body & Soul - (Mental Spiritual & Physical Health)

At The Foundation studies of the mind's alpha, delta and theta, wave frequencies, consciousness, and it's corresponding cause/effect and more. Our Centres bring together the essence of mind, body & spirit/soul into all seven areas of life.

When any human being is at the centre of their true being, they have certainty, clarity, presence, understanding, gratitude, grace, potential energy, unlimited presence, fulfilment and purpose. Mastery of the mind's potential (unconditioned) and kinetic (conditioned) energy fields, releases enormous powers of vitality, inspiration and love. How all of this comes about is Through The Laws of the Universe namely, The Laws Of Energy, Space, Time, Matter, Entropy, Unified Field, Quantum Theory & Mechanics, Physics and the aforementioned disciplines and its relationship to Unconditional Love/Light made simple and much more.

The ability to experience and acknowledge symmetry and order when there is apparent chaos and disorder allows Harmony, Neutrality, Natural & Innate Balance The Forces of Nature, into the life of the individual who experiences this wisdom.

Also the Essentialness of your Electro-Magnetic Force. The difference between Kinetic and Potential Energy as it relates to Mind Body and Spirit. Meditation, Corporate & Personal Development, Spiritual Economics, The Truth Of Purpose Mission Vision Company & Personal, as it relates to Mind, Body & Spirit. Integration of tag heuer replica Mind via Quantum Theory, Focus, Direction utilising Universal Laws.

The natural & nurtural, predator/prey cycles of all existence (mineral, vegetable, animal, mammalian, human mammalian, spiritual human mammalian), past, present and future.

When the Mind is in a state of unconditional love, outer physical radiance is apparent and inner beauty, certainty and purpose radiates. Emotional polarised states are eliminated, hence gaining

"A Mind in balance, has balanced wise action. Your Mind is the greatest resource you have to change the way you feel, see, taste, think, touch, smell and experience all people, places and events in life."

Centre for Higher Manifestation (Quantum Consciousness) Financial, Personal, Career & Business Management

Individuals or organisations, can partake of this innovative work, which assists in designer burberry handbags free shipping leadership adaptation in environments that demand new leadership capabilities, and a healthy laterality of mind, in teams or individually, working with management creating strategies that work.

The Centres aligning of 'The Quantum Collapse Process, Linking Process & LOA Process and many other powerful tools, enhances and provides options/opportunities in: change management, direction, focus, purpose, via the application of Quantum Unified Field Theories & Universal Laws, Maslow's Septenary Hierarchy.  

Inspiration, Vitality and transformation result from dissolving electromagnetic fields (utilising as fuel) and achieving financial and personal goals and dreams. Understanding of the things you desire in life and the dimensions of support in bringing your dreams to fruition. Money merges and comes into context with all other areas of your life, including its spiritual essence and influence.

There is a Science of Money! The Foundation's ccie 350-080 lab teachings will reveal to you these sound scientific laws that are the same if you apply them to your financial life or if you apply them to your emotional life. These laws are universal and timeless, and if applied will significantly increase your net worth.

"You cannot expect to manage money wisely until you manage your emotions". "Warren Buffett"

"If you don't create a financial plan you become part of someone elses".

These programs replica handbags online incorporate "techniques and principles of mind" whereby you will learn ways to increase your wealth by prioritising and focusing on the hierarchy of individual values, revealing a proven system that will compound your finance.
During your time invested with itexamStore 070-640 dumps High Pass Rate The Foundation's financial wisdom you will learn:
• How money works based on scientific and universal laws.
• Ways of balancing emotional attachments to money, the core principle in achieving wealth.
• The keys to being a successful business leader and contacting greater certainty around your purpose and inspirations.
• The keys to be able to focus on the bigger business picture.
• Streamlining, efficiency.
• Increased cash flow and profitability.
• Balanced strategies for operations.
• Low cost marketing.
• Building a more love-filled organisation.
• You are encouraged to build a "TEAM" vision, during (group business sessions). Ultimately, that TEAM creates unlimited energy and potential for your particular organisation.
• How to unblock the blockage to achieving your financial and creative goals towards the things you want in your life and the dimensions of support in getting there.  
• Putting money in context with all other areas of your life including the acceptance of the spiritual essence of finances.
• Understanding and applying these laws increase wealth, put love back into a career or job that feels dissatisfying or over challenging (Peter Principle) and enhance every aspect of your relationships with others.
• Overcome doubt and uncertainty.
• Legacy building.
• Wills, Investing in accord with Laws of the Universe and much, much more.

To connect with this Foundation's Mission, Vision  Inspiration place your details in our 'Contact Us' section on this website.

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